Data Governance Manager
(Deep DGM)

Complete automation for identity, data access governance and lifecycle management with the integration between other modules such as Deep IACM and Deep IM

Deep DGM plug-ins include Windows and Unix file Servers, Microsoft SharePoint Portal and NAS devices.

Data Discovery and Profiling

Data Governance Manager (Deep DGM) discovers assets such as folders, files, resources, contents and sites along with its attributes such as content/file type, ageing, Created by/Modified by and many more from various data storage applications and devices.

Based on such discovery, Deep DGM completes the profiling based on the plug-ins for particular target systems. Profiling includes classifications of asset/data, who has access to what, last access date/time and sensitivity of the asset/contents and finally the data owner. Data classifications can be automated based on policy supported by each plug-ins. Such policy can be based on name, keywords, location of the contents/files and active users.

Integration with Deep IACM and integration with Microsoft Active Directory (or other LDAP) enables data access linked with respective users by employee/non-employee name. The Data Discovery and Profiling process provides complete visibility into who, what and who has access to what.

Data Access Request Management

Deep DGM and Deep IM integration provide centralized access request management technology for users (employees and non-employees) requesting access to data platforms. These requests can be made for both existing content/resources and for creating new resources, contents, sites, folders and so on.

Integrated approval workflow is available for automating the request management process that is best suited. The workflow supports maker-checker facility out of the box. The data/content/site owners can then approve the request via approval workflow.

Deep IM supports most standard and BYOD browsers for request, approval and status viewing.

Lifecycle Management

Integration with Deep IM enables complete lifecycle management of these data platforms and applications. Creations, modifications, deletions of contents, sites, folders, and files are automated through workflow approvals and policies.

Options for data archival and purging are available based on attestation, compliance, in-activity, duplicate and redundant data.

Attestation for Data Access

Deep DGM supports attestation/access review to data platforms such as windows and Unix file servers, Microsoft SharePoint Portal and NAS devices. Campaigns for attestation or periodic access review can be scheduled to ensure continuous compliance and audit.

Owners can be identified and assigned to resources as part of the attestation process. Deep Identity’s unique Three phase attestation process can be implemented as Deep IACM attestation process.

Analytics and Dashboard

To make the governance process relevant to each organization, Deep DGM brings intelligence and computational analysis of historical data, and correlating it against operational data. Deep DGM provides flexibility to filter and search for information with ability to drill down to provide transparencies down to details. This information is presented in a personalized dashboard.

Deep DGM also provides Audit and Reporting, which can be scheduled and delivered to mailbox anytime.