A Complete Range of OOB Access Governance and Administration Solution

Access Right Review

The most common alternative to the term “access certification” or “access review” is “attestation”. Attestation is an periodic review and confirmation process that will help enterprises to reduce risk by:

Correlating users with their access to systems and applications

Evaluating the risk associated with that access

Reviewing access deemed as risky in inappropriate

Deep Identity provide granular and comprehensive information including authorization information across applications, databases, operating systems and network devices for complete attestation process.

Segregation of Duties (SoD)

SoD checks becoming an integral part of identity governance today. Risk analysis for every conflict of access are required and remediation need to be implemented to ensure user access risk are eliminated or reduced. The SoD checks and remediation can be implemented as part of

Periodic exercise as part of attestation or SoD review process

Access request and approval process

Provisioning of new access to users (compliant provisioning)

Granting of privilege access to super-user or administrator (Privilege SoD checks)

Deep Identity solution performs multi-level risk analysis and remediation of SoD conflicts and sensitive transaction across applications, databases and operating systems. Deep Identity SoD checks is an out-of-the-box functionality of Deep IACM product and it shipped with SoD Ruleset best practices for SAP Systems.

Data Access Governance (DAG)

Unstructured data such as word, excel, PowerPoint, pdf and others are growing in most of the organizations and shared across file servers, portals and cloud storage. As part of the best practices to secure unstructured data, enterprises need to:

Discovery and profiling all folders and files

Quickly identify sensitive, duplicate, in-active and orphan files

Identify and remove un-authorized access to these files

Remove unwanted files for security and free up storage space

Deep Data Governance Manager (Deep DGM) integrated with Deep IACM and IM to provide comprehensive information for every folders and files in the enterprise, while addressing risk associated with Data Access Governance issues and challenges.

Automated Provisioning & Workflow

Most of the enterprises today aren’t able to provision and de-provision quickly and effective, thus putting their organization at risk. Also leaving staff unproductive with slow provisioning and resetting passwords. Key operations can be automated includes:

On-boarding employee/non-employee with default access rights

Automating CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operation to improve productivity

Providing ad-hoc access request portal with approval workflow

Providing detailed entitlement catalog to ensure what to remove when employee leaving the department or organization to improve overall security

Deep Identity Manager (Deep IM), with its integrated workflow engine provide complete and automated user lifecycle management across enterprise applications, databases, operating systems and network infrastructures to ensure no systems left behind for access governance and administration.

Enterprise Password Management

Attacks against password are seen as the key issues most of the breaches. Weak, default passwords, passwords with dictionary words and so on are common problems in the enterprises today especially when enterprises relying on central LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory infrastructures. Enterprise today need to:

Understand last login and last password change for every users

Allow users to effectively reset/change passwords

Understand password policies and how to enforce them

Improve productivity by providing self-service password reset

Deep Identity Manager (Deep IM) provide comprehensive and easy to use password management systems to address enterprise requirements, and to improve overall security.

Privilege Identity Management

Privileged Accounts, such as Administrator, Root and various other accounts which carry superuser or most powerful access to operating systems, databases and various other infrastructures presents significant vulnerabilities that insider or outside attackers can take advantage of. Enterprises today need to:

Identify and manage privilege identity and accounts dynamically

Monitor the privilege account usage in real-time

Eliminate the need to share passwords and permanent assignment of privilege accounts to individuals

Include applications privilege account along with operating systems accounts

Deep Privilege Identity Manager (Deep PIM) is a light-weight PIM solution which provide ability to assign temporary access of privilege accounts to individuals without the need for sharing its password. Also dynamically detect rogue user and access creations.

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